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We offer a various rang of packaging to fulfill a particular consumer needs such as 0.5 KG, 2 KG, 5KG and 25 KG for Khaosakthong brand and 25 KG and 50KG for Thai First Grain brand. Packaging are also adopted to enhance our quality of rice with beautiful design.


Company Profile

Thai First Grain Co.,Ltd has been established  since 2009 in Suphanburi. We are both manufacturer and exporter of Thai rice. Our company is a branch of Boonchareanpanich Rice Mill in Suphanburi province, for over 20 years. Our rice mill has modern technology and innovation to generate high production capacity each month. Since we emphasize on the best quality of production, it leads to an expansion of the rice mill continuously.

Booncharoenpanich rice mill has 3 other rice mills under operation which are Panich Charoentunya, Panichruamcharoen, both in Suphanburi province,  and Ubontunyachart in Ubolratchatani province.  Currently, we have output capacity of 3,000 tons  per day at which Thai Hom Mali Rice, Thai Phathumthani Rice,Thai White Rice, Thai Glutionus Rice are our major production.

In 2009, since there are rapidly increased demands both in domestic and international markets for parboiled rice consumption, we have extended our business line into parboiled rice production


Quality Control is the important thing we take very seriously to maintain our rice standard.
We observe every single process to ensure that our rice product to meets the highest standard.
Begin with our laboratory checking, cleaning, destining, polishing, and packing.
We always improve our product quality by focusing on consumer’s safety and international standard.


Rice product on sale include several varieties as follows :  

Thai Hom Mali Rice
Thai Phathumthani Rice
Thai White Rice
Thai Glutionus Rice

Domestic Rice are sold through :

Direct sale to Hotels, Lead Restaurants and Hospital
Sale through Supermarket : Home fresh mart in The mall
and Gourment market in Siam Paragon
Sale through Agent